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My name is Jayna Amadasun.

I'm the Founder of Ember Impact Global a Consulting and ​Coaching Enterprise. As a Consultant, I empower Black ​medical practitioners, healthcare professionals and ​organizations that train and employ these individuals to ​navigate workplace complexities with ethical and legal insights. ​In my role as a Solution-Focused Coach, clients are introduced ​to tools designed to increase a greater sense of awareness, ​drive toward clarity and creativity and curate value-based ​strategic steps with transformative and impactful results that ​align with their most treasured aspirations.


Jayna is a Human Rights Consultant, Solution-Focused ​Professional Coach, Speaker, and Author of the 7-Week ​Journal: Passion & Purpose.

As the Founder of Ember Impact Global Jayna is passionate ​about helping to inspire, empower, and impact women through ​a coaching partnership where each woman has the potential to ​experience transformational results personally and ​professionally. Jayna provides clients access to guiding ​principles and tools fostering an ecosystem where women ​dare to thrive. She holds the space for women to engage in ​self-discovery, embrace the endless possibilities that emerge ​and curate a life that aligns with their values and goals.

As a powerful and thought-provoking speaker, Jayna delivers ​impactful keynotes to empower and transform. She eloquently ​articulates difficult conversations around the discourse of racial ​discrimination. Her love for medicine and a deep desire for ​advocacy drive her to focus on matters related to healthcare ​professionals and their workplaces.

Jayna holds a Master of Laws in Medical Law and Ethics (LLM) ​with Merit from the University of Edinburgh and a Doctor of ​Medicine degree. A Human Rights Consultant, certified by the ​US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights, she empowers ​Black Medical Practitioners to navigate workplace complexities ​with ethical and legal insights. She spent almost two decades ​as a healthcare professional before embarking on her ​entrepreneurial journey. Jayna is a Rotarian and serves as ​secretary of the Community Services Sub-committee and a ​Board Director at Large of her club. Her dedication to the ​advancement of women is seen through her appointment as ​one of the Board of Directors for Black Canadian Women in ​Action. She values lifelong learning and enjoys cooking, ​travelling and watching low-budget romantic comedies. She is ​a wife and mother passionate about her family and excited ​about new possibilities emerging in her life.

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